Grace Church Questionnaire

Grace Church Questionnaire

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1. Does the Church have a separate non-profit organization(s)?

*if you answered yes to this question, please upload the following documents at the end of this questionnaire:
- Copy of non- profit charter and IRS certificate and;
- Copy of mission statement

2. If you have a separate non-profit organization does it have a separate location or space within the Church or on the Church’s property?

3. If you have a non-profit, has that non- profit ever received any government funding either in the form of a grant (s) or loans?
*If the answer is yes, what was the purpose of the funding, the amount funded and which agency provided the funding?

4. What is the Church’s estimated worshiping weekly attendance?

5. What is your estimated Church membership?

6. Does the Church have a written plan specifically addressing “Church Growth” primarily as it relates to Church membership?

7. What would you consider to be the three strongest ministries (in order of strengths) in your local Church? Ex. youth ministry, adult Bible study etc.

8. What is the racial diversity of your congregation?

9. What is the median age of your congregation?

10. Please provide a list of your worship services (time and date) including Bible Study etc. Ex. worship service 10am on Sundays

11. What would you consider to be your top five (5) most immediate needs as it relates to space requirements for the Church?

12. What would you consider to be your five (5) most immediate needs as it relates to any of your Church sponsored non-profits?

13. Do any members of the Church hold a public office in the City of Palestine or the County of Anderson
*if yes, what office (s)?

14. Please provide list of all properties (per address or legal description) owned by the Church.

15. Please provide a list of all properties (per address or legal description) owned by any Church sponsored non- profit organizations.

16. What do you think are the top three (3) (civic / community) needs within a five miles radius of your current location?

17. Please list the “outreach” programs the Church and / or its non-profit organization offer the community. Ex boy scout troop

18. Please explain the organizational structure of the Church including any state or national religious affiliations. Ex. Southern Baptist

19. What amount would be a good estimate of the Church’s outstanding real estate related debt? (Ex. mortgage for church building)

20. Which Bank or Banks does the Church maintain a financial relationship? (Ex. Mortgage lender, checking acct holder)

21. What is the membership ratio of men to women?

22. Does the Church operate a day care / nursery center?

23. Are there any known community or City constraints that would hinder or prohibit realization of your vision for the Community?

24. Are there any specify areas of interest that you would like for us to review and include in a Master Plan Study? Ex. single family housing

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