Project Management

We have the Project management tools needed to help you become successful. Our company plans, organizes, motivates and controls the resources, procedures and protocols to achieve all of your goals in with your development.

For clients who require a more hands on approach during the construction project, George E. Johnson Development provides comprehensive project management/construction management (PM/CM) services for a variety of different project types. We take special consideration to leverage the value of the client’s construction budget by clearly defining a project scope, assisting with realistic budget goals, and overseeing the process along the way while always being mindful of the project schedule.

GEJ provides project leadership and management specifically tailored to achieve the client’s cost, time and quality goals. Our experience enables us to analyze problems, solicit input from stakeholders, propose workable solutions, and follow up to ensure successful resolution. We utilize the latest Project management tools necessary to plan, organize, and control the resources, procedures and protocols for your development.