Master Planning

We at George E. Johnson Development seek to develop and improve land and communities through a long-range plan that balances and harmonize elements. We draft an idea in the beginning phase of development, and then from that idea we have to tools to make it become a reality. We have an extensive list of successful projects that our company has worked with such as: Corinthian Village, and Kingdom Builders Center.

Although every project is fundamentally different in scope, goals and budget, our two phase master planning process can be an invaluable resource to assist our clients in obtaining the highest and best use for their property. The master planning phases are broken down as follows:

  1. Inventory & Analysis
    Primarily this phase will include the development of a prioritized “wish list” and obtaining a thorough understanding of the site’s unique characteristics, opportunities and constraints. We use site surveys along with our own investigations, to develop a plan of existing conditions which all further planning is based.
  2. Concept Planning
    Upon understanding the client’s needs and documenting the existing conditions, we work with our team to prepare a concept that incorporates the client’s needs while taking into consideration the spatial arrangements, site conditions, and site constraints including grading, drainage and zoning requirements.

At the conclusion of our research, we offer our recommendations for what a site master plan might include through a comprehensive written report and topical land maps. The plan will include the client’s immediate needs as well as makes recommendations for future improvements.